AWAG is to empower women through assertion of their individuality, to assist them in getting social justice and to help them to regain their health.We at AWAG advocate policy change, law reforms and improvements in the state system relating to status, position and welfare of women. We have so far provided assistance to thousands of women, inclusive of Dalit and minority classes.

AWAG undertakes work in both the urban and rural areas of Gujarat. It has offices in the following four areas, Bhudarpura (west Ahmedabad), Bapunagar (east Ahmedabad) and in the rural areas of Radhanpur and Rapar. Its work in Bapunagar was in response to the communal riots, between Hindu and Muslims, which broke out in August 1986.

Aim :

    Raise the image of women in society

    Protest against elements in society which demean the image of women

    Establish women’s equal status in society

    Contribute to women’s participation in the development of the country

    Support the rights of women to live with dignity and to support their welfare and education

    Work for the economic betterment of poor women

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