Blindman Car Rally

Blindman Car Rally


Blink twice, thrice… 50 more times… yes, it is true! Here is a really unique event organized by “Round Table India”.


Aim is to register 100 cars, which will be driven for 40-45 kms through the hustle and bustle of the city with the help of fully blind navigators. They will guide the drivers and give directions to drive with the help of a meticulously drafted Braille map.


On 19.06.2013, Round Table India organized a Braille reading test in Blind People Association, Vadodara to assess their reading abilities.


End Cause:
1. Showcase the city about the extra ordinary skills of blind people, so that they come out in large numbers to support and offer them employment opportunities in there organisations without any inhibitions.
2. Spread awareness of Acquired Blindness Prevention
3. Uplift the infrastructure in some of the Blind Schools


A salute to the “think-tank” ( from ?#?BeyondKhidki?.
For more information check the image.


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