Handmade Hope Baroda

Handmade Hope Baroda Handmade Hope Baroda Handmade Hope Baroda Handmade Hope Baroda Handmade Hope Baroda Handmade Hope Baroda Handmade Hope Baroda Handmade Hope Baroda

A hope for the betterment-Handmade Hope, #Baroda

While you pause for a cause, you get to know that goodness among people still exits!! And when this goodness is brought into use for peoples’ benefits, the results are magnificent. Handmade Hope in #Vadodara, is one such organisation stemming from sheer goodness. Now...have you ever thought of buying something handmade? Assuming that it would benefit the society?

A bitter truth is that most of the stuff tagged as “handmade” are produced in factories with low production cost. However Handmade Hope is a platform for economically underprivileged for self sustainable employment generation. It is a channel through which self sustainable opportunities flow and form positive spaces. The organisation supports economically underprivileged to create self organizing ecosystems for themselves in order to grow and flourish. This co-creative process is to learn, sustain and thrive.

The main goal of Handmade Hope is not to provide employment, but to make people independent. Here, an artist creates a product. He trains individuals to make product. These trained individuals in turn, train other individuals from their communities or people belonging to weaker sections of society. Thus, a project is generated. They treat their product as their babies; building from a scratch. They can alter and modify the product as they wish to create and offer them at a price, suitable to them.

Volunteers, creative artists, those aspiring to learn and grow, or wishing to put their step into betterment are welcome here For more information on Handmade Hope, kindly visit: http://www.handmadehope.in/ Address: 16-B, Gokhale Colony, Aggarwal Hall Lane, Near Bansal Super Mart, Akota, Baroda (Vadodara)

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