Masti Ki Pathshala – Bringing education to the needy

Masti Ki Pathshala – Bringing education to the needy

“Education is that whole system of human training within and without the school house walls, that molds and develops a child into a human being”.

Masti Ki Pathshala is a philosophical idea of compassion and care for the children who can’t access education due to limitations of their family conditions or otherwise. It is a cause comprising of young and enthusiastic professionals who apart from their regular careers in the fields of advertising, marketing, media and education; also believe that life is more than just about one’s own self and giving back to the society, doing good for the society and being a responsible citizen is also an essential part of life. This group of individuals comes together under the umbrella of ‘Masti Ki Pathshala’ to provide education and provide for some related amenities to help build the self-respect and competency in today’s young generation.

Masti Ki Pathshala is a non-profit organization and a successfully running campaign, founded by Mr. Keyur Patel and his team on Children’s Day – 14 November, in 2011. The first task that Masti Ki Pathshala took up was supporting the education of two slum kids Swati Neepali and Aman Neepali, who live in the slum area around Karelibaug in Vadodara. They had joined Class VII and class V respectively with the efforts of Masti Ki Pathshala. These children had had to quit education due to financial crunches that plagued the family because their father got addicted to liquor and there was no money left to send them to school.

The needy children are identified with the help of Pratibha Kushwaha from the NGO Saharsh. The children, their families and their genuineness of their condition are completely verified to ensure that the really needy people are not bereft of help while those who do not require the benefits end up getting it.

Currently Masti Ki Pathshala is also helping another young boy whose father has cancer and is unable to support the education of his child.

Charity begins from home, they say. In line with this, Masti Ki Pathshala is also supporting the education of the man who works as a liftman in the building where the Masti Ki Pathshala office is located.

Masti Ki Pathshala also provided for the uniforms and books in a small school called Swami Vivekananda School in a nearby village in Baroda district.

Education in these times, is highly important for the kids to grow up into responsible adults and be able to define and distinguish between what is right and what is wrong. With the help of Masti Ki Pathshala more and more children are getting the benefit of this simple basic right to education, and it would go a long way in building a better society. 

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