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Small Steps, a non-profit organization has taken small yet effective steps to bring a change in people's mind set against the use of plastic bags. While everyone says to avoid its usage, it is the organization that has firmly taken active steps.

"Say No to plastic bags; spread the word", is what they say.

The Small Steps Project was launched by Upasana Design studio in Auroville on Earth Day 2007. Although it began as hardly more than a local initiative, it has since spread its bags and message around the globe.

Along with passing the message of “Going Green” and “No plastic bags”, this organization also works in Women empowerment.

“Small Steps bag production only takes place in villages near Auroville. It is currently spread over many villages in Tamil Nadu and Pondicherry where training is given to rural women who need livelihood options. In each village, small production groups have been formed and empowered through microfinance and income generation. These groups are managed and run by the village women themselves and linked with their internal microfinance, which means that the women are able to borrow money and buy their own sewing machine once their training is over.”

If you got really inspired by the images and description here, you can also become an active member of this great initiative. The project is mostly run by volunteers. You can become an ambassador or a campaigner within your local area to distribute Small Steps bags in your area.
As an ambassador of the Small Steps project:
1. Be a contact person for the project in your area
2. Distribute bags in your area
3. Receive donations on behalf of the project
4. Channel the funds to the project

For further information have a look their website:
We would like to thank Leena Pradeep Chawla ( This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. ), Ambassador, Ahmedabad - Small Steps to bring such a fabulous organization into our notice.

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