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BeyondKhidki.com is an innovative venture to contour the social life by sharing information online. The website is a one stop solution to collect essential information relevant to day to day activities including events, causes, weekend plans and more. Here, at “BeyondKhidki”, we have plenty of sections that provide exceptional notions to gratify your social aspect, which has increasingly become “Screen” centric. As an online initiative, we endeavour to provide you the largest possible range of choices to walk out and enjoy the outdoor fiesta.

Conceptualized and managed by Xitij Incorporate, the “BeyondKhidki” contrivance is undertaken by two dynamic youths of Gujarat. Our team includes people from various intellectual backgrounds managing our sister concern companies including Xitij Education and Xitij Limited (UK). The former renders its services in various fields including education and scrap trading. The company holds a monopoly for providing maximum education franchisees across Gujarat and is the zone head office for ALOHA (Abacus Learning of Higher Arithmetic) in Ahmedabad.

Through our various sections and novel ideas, we at BeyondKhidki.com converge to keep your interest levels elevated. Our diversified service portfolio includes:

  • Events- an open forum to get your event or activity published and promoted obliquely across the state.
  • Causes- A special section specifically placed to endorse social causes done for noble purposes.
  • Weekend Plans- file of unique ideas to spend your leisure time
  • Interviews- an online video library to introduce small and big tycoons possessing impeccable business skills
  • What’s Up?- An online account of various activities occurring across the state
  • Enlighten Me- An inimitable approach to share instructive information on different topics
  • Things Work/ Things Don’t Work- A place to shout about anything which works or doesn’t work.
  • Places of Interest and Random- the section throws light on the overall packages, site updates and interesting tourist destinations across Gujarat

We believe that the world offers tremendous opportunities. All you need to do is to think out of the box and explore new horizons. We aspire to get you a feel of many more interesting activities and make you look beyond your “Khidki” to a greater world.

For more information about the company profile and its owners or in relation to Beyondkhidki.com contact on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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