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Have we become screen slaves? (1)

screen slaves

You must have observed your classmate, a close colleague or your friend gaping at the laptop or mobile screen while you are actually trying to share something far more interesting stuff. Its annoying at times, isn’t it?

But then don’t we do the same thing. How could we resist the lappys and cell phones, in this screen centric era..Don’t you think we have all turned into a big time screen slaves..?

Read on..and share what you have to say...

Screen Slavery!

We have stepped into an age, where phones are becoming bigger (phablets) and tablets are becoming smaller. We experience the biggest screen in the form of a TV early in our life, and slowly and gradually the smaller screens penetrate in our lives and suddenly become significant portions of utility.

There are primarily two aspects of our body, the physical aspects and the mental one, and it is advisable to keep both these aspects healthy with the help of exercising. But instead, what is happening is that the focus is shifting to the mental aspect of health and the physical aspect is almost out of the picture. Thanks to the ever-evolving technology, people are naturally drawn towards such gadgets with open salivating mouth and are hence becoming slaves!

But still, today’s work-style and lifestyle largely depends on screens. Kids have phones and tablets to play with, Business honchos have tablets and laptops to fiddle with, and TV’s and gaming consoles greet the family at home! So we are virtually surrounded by screens, either for entertainment, business or mere time pass. Are you one? Oh yes! Definitely!

Written By: Azeem Topiwala, Ahmedabad


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