Maulik Mehta – FrameBoxx Animantion & VFX Academy, Rajkot

Maulik Mehta is an energetic and enthusiastic individual with a great sense of humour, equally matched with amazing conversational skills. We had a great time talking and discussing through, God knows, many different topics. He studied mechanical engineering and got a good career start with a Multinational Company at Ahmedabad. But, passion and interest led him to the world of imagination and allowed him to explore whole new aspects; animation & business.

We loved his spirit and his courage to take the plunge for what he is really passionate about… Let’s meet the man himself,

First of all, let’s start with a bit of an introduction…IMG 0299

I am a business partner of national academy named Frameboxx Animation and VFX where we offer specialization in 3D animation and computer graphics.

Tell us something about your personal life?

Well, I stay in Rajkot for past 30 months, as I established my own business here. I belong to educated, brahmin family from a little town named Keshod in Gujarat. My parents worked as honest academicians for their whole life. (Father is retired professor and mother is retired principal.)

My secondary education confined me to Keshod, yet higher secondary schooling in Rajkot gave me chance to move out from my home town. I did B.E. Mechanical at Vallabh Vidya Nagar, Gujarat. Then I grabbed great career start, any fresh engineer can ever imagine, in a US base MNC at Ahmedabad. That career took me to growth ride in various cities like Bangalore, Chennai and Mumbai in span of 3 years.

How did that education help you to reach where you are?

Education and work-experience improved me a lot as an individual. One can know the potential in self, only if tested. I realized that when you work for your passion, you will enjoy every moment doing it. Job doesn’t remain a job then.

Off course. Let’s talk about your business activities…

At Frameboxx – my 3D training academy; instructors prepare techno-artists and designers. Computer animation and graphics software contain wide range of applications; ranging from concept art design, graphic design, architectural pre-visualization, 3d game design, automotive and product design to 3d animated TV commercials, full length animated feature films and much more. We advise with utmost honesty to all the beginners and hone them for professional career.

National presence of my institute helps me to build their career through organized placement infrastructure. I chose to be full time instructor of high end software like Autodesk Maya to deliver my skills and vision. I typically guide them to become a complete artist and not only software technicians.

When did you start into this field?

It’s been more than 5 years of active exploration now. Though the seeds lie back in my engineering days where I used to learn 3D engineering design applications like Autocad, ProE and others. I have always enjoyed new creation with this virtual medium, and gradually unplugged myself from limitation designing a product with precise dimensions only. I became a character designer to create more lively and expressive things. I believe, this field allows me to get closer to community than I could do it becoming an engineer.

How did you start into this field?

As I decided to work for what I love, I planned this second phase of my career and worked hard for next 3 years. I gained MBA in I.T. systems from Hyderabad and a diploma in 3D animation and VFX from Frameboxx – Pune.

How did your family respond to this drastic change? Were they supportive of you taking this risk…

As Indian Animation Industry is still in its primary stage, it was very risky for me to leave my growing career and take a step aside. But my parents allowed me to take a chance and I gained a good classical knowledge from Pune. I decided to blow the wind of awareness in my region thereafter.

I started as an Instructor for few months in Rajkot and I was convinced to take full control of my vision through my own academy.


What kind of planning was required initially?

Any business requires potential market and 3M (men, machines and money) to start with. Rajkot is one of the fastest growing cities in Asia. My business required aspiring students who were really passionate about doing something new, something different. And I received a great response in past 2 years; from every age group, every economy class. I gathered a team of likeminded men and arranged money through partnership model of business. The last M – “machines” relate to high configuration computers which was easy to buy from anywhere.

Are you happy with the current progress of the business? Where do you want to take this project/business?

I enjoy every moment with students. Their involvement and attachment is my progress. I managed to give international exposure to my current students, yet I wish to build a sustainable platform where they can get industrial projects to work on. Academy with production facilities is in my short term vision while adding more verticals to business will be a long term vision.

A great vision, I say. How many hours do you generally put in?

Administrative and teaching work consumes 10 hours every day. Online guidance to fellow friends and past students consume few more.

That’s long! But as you said “Job doesn’t remain a job then”.

Lastly, any tips for new comers into this field?

I put it this way.  Anybody can Join it. There is a place for everybody in this fun industry. Please don’t get attracted to “guaranteed job” promises, as it’s a skill based practical industry. You can enjoy every moment working in here, but you got to acquire the skills first.  It offers opportunities for job and freelance business both.

Explore in full, find your application and master it. Growth is certain.

That’s a fantastic message for anyone with a burning desire to go and do beyond the limits…

Keywords for readers:

Passion, Vision, 3M of Business Planning (Men, Machines & Money), Belief in one’s abilities and strong will to make things happen, No fake promises.

How people can get in touch with you?

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  • Comment Link Mayur More Monday, 02 September 2013 11:54 posted by Mayur More

    I really proud of u my dear....Just keep going...

  • Comment Link mayur jethva Thursday, 29 August 2013 15:31 posted by mayur jethva

    Hi Maulik,

    Superb....all the best for future.....

  • Comment Link yogesh bhatt Wednesday, 28 August 2013 14:24 posted by yogesh bhatt

    wonderful vision and great suggestions to new comers in animation field. Bravo. Go ahead, god bless you.

  • Comment Link maulik thakrar Monday, 26 August 2013 10:52 posted by maulik thakrar

    you proved that manzil b chalne walo k hi kadam chumthi he

  • Comment Link maulik Monday, 29 July 2013 04:28 posted by maulik

    Thanks Ankit.

  • Comment Link Ankit patel Friday, 26 July 2013 11:16 posted by Ankit patel

    Dear maulik
    I remember the 3D model of bicycle we prepared during first semester of our engineering. That was the start of your dream.

    Great going dear.

  • Comment Link Ankit Patel Friday, 26 July 2013 11:06 posted by Ankit Patel

    Great achievement dear.
    I still remember the 3D bicycle we modeled during first semester of our engineering. It was the beginning of your dream.

    Great going.

  • Comment Link Jinks Wednesday, 24 July 2013 14:58 posted by Jinks

    Great bhai, first time when i mate you, i also think why you playing with your lyf... but nw i got answer. All the best for ur future...

  • Comment Link maulik Tuesday, 23 July 2013 12:21 posted by maulik

    I would really love to give international exposure to all animators and artists again.Adolfo, we will meet for sure.
    Thanks again.

  • Comment Link adolfo franchi Tuesday, 23 July 2013 10:06 posted by adolfo franchi

    Met Maulik personally, a great person who achieved everything on his own. A wonderful teacher, colleague and counsellor. The working and learning environment at Frameboxx is very relaxed and one can really learn, thanks to its really qualified teachers. Well Maulik, Hope I ll meet you again =)

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