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Enlighten Me (2)

As the old proverb says, “a pen is mightier than a sword”, we believe in motivating people through an assortment of constructive topics. Our “Enlighten Me” section is an inimitable approach to share instructive information on several instances/ topics/ situations and experiences. The section is open to beyondkhidki “users” who would like to shed some light on their accepted wisdom and inspired writing skills, thereby influencing the masses in tangible and intangible ways. As a responsible individual the write-ups penned down wouldsurely leave you pondering for something better.

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Have we become screen slaves? (1)

screen slaves

You must have observed your classmate, a close colleague or your friend gaping at the laptop or mobile screen while you are actually trying to share something far more interesting stuff. Its annoying at times, isn’t it?

But then don’t we do the same thing. How could we resist the lappys and cell phones, in this screen centric era..Don’t you think we have all turned into a big time screen slaves..?

Read on..and share what you have to say...

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Our Forgotten Street Games !! (1)


We are sad that our street games are left behind.Who plays Pakad Dor, Kabaddi and Nadi Parvat now... All we seem to play is our PS games! So what if we don’t play them any more, we can still think about those times when we uses to and re-live those memories.

How much fun it was ruining that shirt and get back home covered with mud and sweat. And ahoy! Remember that look mothers gave...

Write to us in about 200-250 words of how you feel about "OUR FORGOTTEN STREET GAMES"

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