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Thursday, 05 September 2013 14:00

Hike in Fuel Prices

“Petrol price hiked by Rs. 2.35 per litre, diesel by 50 paise”

This was the headline on every newspaper on Sunday has made the common man revise his expenditures considering his/her budget. Over the past few months the fuel prices have been increasing rupee by rupee. Petrol has become an essential part of our everyday life, and life without it is unimaginable. The sky rocketing fuel prices are eventually taking a toll on each and everything that is necessary in day-to-day life. 

Initially, the reaction to the sudden hike in the fuel price was furious and fuming as it rattled every citizen in India. There was picture which showed the comparison between the fuel prices in our neighbouring countries, obviously it went viral on the internet. The picture was a true eye opener. 

Petrol pumps were the busiest place before midnight if the news was out of price hike for a couple of months. Everyone just tried to save whatever rupees they could on every litre of the fuel. However, the public got used to the idea of the fluctuation in fuel prices though it is bothers every single person be it the rich or the middle-class. College students funding their own conveyance can no longer afford long romantic drives or rides with their girlfriends because it has become equivalent to any luxurious gift.

Just as any other problem this too has some ways out, using public transportation for one and car-pooling. Car-pooling certainly helps in reducing one’s regular travel cost along with being environmentally friendly as it is a way to ration gasoline plus sustainable way to travel. Not many Indians would like to share their rides but it can be a great way to save some money and importantly fuel. 

Everything and anything is always interrelated, in this context - fuel prices, once started the chain reaction affects all sectors. Increase in fuel price will increase the transportation charge, increase in transportation charge will increase in cost of goods, and this increase in cost of goods would slowly but surely force the people to loosen their pockets even more, and as a result, the chain will further propagate. Today, even as the value of rupee is falling with every passing day the fuel prices are at an all-time high. It is we, the “mango people”, 

who are affected the most by the chain reactions.

Thursday, 29 August 2013 09:24

Ahmedabad-Baroda Bus Struggle

Things Don't WorkI am located in Ahmedabad and I travel to Baroda everyday for my job. The bus system is just awful. I have to wait for several minutes before I get a bus and if I am lucky I get a seat (a rare occasion). I wish there could be something better. It just doesn’t work for me. 

- Piyush R

Wednesday, 28 August 2013 13:39

Vadhavana Lake

Once in a while each person needs some time off from their routine lives. Away from Vadodara, few kilometres, is a lake which is a paradise for Asiatic water and bird sanctuary. Vadhvana Lake was constructed under Sir Sayajirao Gaekwad’s supervision.

Vadhvana Lake is a habitat for an enormous congregation of water birds i.e., stork, tern, ibis, grey legged goose, and spoonbill migrating all over. Apart from being a wetland, the beautiful lake is also has an eco tourism campsite. The wetland is well-known as a sightseeing spot because this place is kissed by natural magnificence. The finest time of the year to visit irrigation reservoir and wetland is from October to March.

Over time there have been several developments in maintaining the reverence of this outstanding Vadhavana – a wetland, eco campsite, as well as a bird sanctuary. There are a number of facilities offered such as orientation Centre, Cottage and tented accommodations, Separate Campfire sites, observation Towers for bird watching. What's more, there are boats available for boating on the wetland to add to the wonderful experience of bird watching.

Today, this place is becoming one of the most visited sites for nature and bird lovers. Every nature lover can sit for hours ideally just observing and taking in the goodness of the beautiful site. 

Tuesday, 27 August 2013 08:38

Raksha Bandhan: The Bond of Protection

India is one of those countries, which has a very advanced culture when it comes to personal relations. This time of the year a very special day appears on the calendar that every sister looks forward to, Raksha Bandhan, a complete day dedicated to the wonderful bond of brother and sister. On this day, the sister ties a sacred thread called rakhi around her brother’s wrist expressing their unconditional love and support for each other. Thus this day is called Raksha Bandhan, ‘Raksha’ meaning protection and ‘Bandhan’ the bond.



Every soul in India is all set to celebrate the sacred festival, sisters with their bright colourful Rakhis and all brothers ready to stand on the brink of celebratory moments just to see their adorable sisters beaming with sheer happiness when they’re surprised with marvellous gifts.



Back in the good old days of telegrams and bell bottoms, the day usually began with All India Radio playing all popular Bollywood songs, dedicated to the relation of brother and sister. God truly bless the advanced technology for all those brothers and sisters, who are living separately in different continents, to enable them to express their affection through different media. 


Life can be really tough without any siblings and cousins. One cannot possibly define the extraordinary immaculate relationship between brothers and sisters. They’re the sweetest enemies, the best of friends, partners in crime, and love one another unconditionally.


No matter what, only your brother or sister will go that one extra mile just to bring that joyous smile back. At times, this emotional bond of love and affection between siblings is way beyond the understanding of their parents, let alone anyone else.


Who needs virtual superheroes whenever siblings are the best ones anyone can ever have.


Beyond Khidki wishes all “real superheroes” A Very Happy Raksha Bandhan!

Tuesday, 27 August 2013 08:05

Fasting Culture & Shravan Month

Gujarat celebrates numerous festivals throughout the year with high fervour, but the month of Shravan is considered to be highly auspicious and dedicated to Lord Shiva. For a number of Hindu communities the cycle of fasts (vrats) begin from this sacred month of Shravan. It is during this month devotees engross themselves in sacred and spiritual affair.

Every single day during this tenth month of the Gujarati calendar is considered to be extremely favourable, specifically the Shravan Mondays because the day is completely devoted to worshipping Lord Shiva. There are several different ways that devotees go about when it comes to fasting during Shravan. There are few who simply eat one meal per day, and few choose to eat only fruits and milk during this holy month. Just about every devotee of Lord Shiva follows a strict vegetarian diet.

Throughout the month of Shravan every single day is has a unique significance along with its own ritual, which continues to live to the present day. The entire state is enriched with tradition and customs which is strongly imbibed in each Gujarati family. First Sunday of Shravan is known for Veerpasli vrat that is continued for the next eight days, is believed for the wellbeing of the male members in the family.

 In Gujarat, several girls fast from the first Monday of the Shravan month for next sixteen Mondays (Solah Somwar) so as to be blessed with a good spouse, happiness, and peaceful life. On the whole this entire month has different fast days i.e., Phool Kajali, Chokha Kajali and Gai Vrat, which is connected to the myths of marriage. During the month of Shravan the rain gods shower their blessings. Some researchers consider that fasting (varts) helps the people to stay hale and hearty because the waterborne infections spread too quickly.

Around this time nearly all Shiva temples are crowded as all devotees seek their Lord’s blessings by making offerings and abhishekam (mixture of milk and water). The Shravan month brings along many great important festivals i.e., Nag Pancham, Shitala Satam, and Janmashtami.

Living in this amazingly cultural state where different traditions and rituals, developed by various sects i.e. individuals and idealistic institutions, in different situations and at different periods by our ancient still survive and encourage us improve ourselves.  

Beyond Khidki wishes everyone a blessed and prosperous Shravan month!

Saturday, 17 August 2013 11:50

World Photography Day Competition

World Photgraphy Day


WORLD ‪‎PHOTOGRAPHY DAY is on 19th August.

And here is something from Beyond Khidki to celebrate & showcase all those precious and unforgettable moments captured by you. It's a quick competition where in we will publish at least 5 photographs per day between 19th and 21st of August accoridng to the categories mentioned below.

19th Aug - Street‬ Photography (from any of the cities in Gujarat)
20th Aug - ‪‎Landscape‬ Photography (from anywhere in Gujarat)
21st Aug - Rakhi Moments (Brother-Sister lovely captures)

* The Photograph with Maximum "likes" by 3 PM the next day will be the winner for that category. i.e. Street Photography winner will be decided by 3 PM on 20th Aug.

What you need to do:
1. Send us your favourite photograph captured by you by 12 o'clock midnight, specific to next day's category. i.e. for Street Photography (19th August), send the photo on 18th Aug by midnight. For Landscape Photography (20th Aug), send the photo on 19th Aug by midnight. And so on...
2. Give us just 2 lines about the photograph and where it is captured.
3. Email the photograph on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Sounds interesting? So, what are you waiting for, let's celebrate the WORLD PHOTOGRAPHY DAY and those lovely & beautiful scenes/moments captured. You will get a chance to showcase your entire album on Beyond Khidki along with a surprise gift.

Thursday, 15 August 2013 09:20

Happy Independence Day

Just overheard a conversation between two random Indian citizens --

Random girl to someone else: "Oh! Right! It is Independence Day tomorrow! Well, it no longer has any significance to me. I have given enough importance to this day back in school. Now it's just another day off from work."
A really old man walks up to that girl and says, "Beta, I guess you should probably go back to school and learn what this day means to citizens of this country.”

 After decades of hysterical struggle and overcoming all the challenges, on 15th August, India woke up to a new life, as a free country. We owe our freedom to several revolutionaries like Rani Lakshmibai, Shaheed Bhagat Singh, Mahatma Gandhi, Netaji Subhashchandra Bose, Jawaharlal Nehru and Sardar Vallabhai Patel, who selflessly dedicated the prime of their lives for freedom struggle. India, being one of the oldest civilizations of mankind, has never invaded any country, but has always adopted and absorbed, being true to the old adage of ‘Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam’, which in English means one world one family, i.e. every living being on the earth is different and we should all respect this difference.

We all probably know this famous Bollywood movie in which the hero educates a foreign national about India no longer being the land of snake charmers as it was once falsely perceived. In that one scene the hero very subtly highlights all important aspects of India such as unity in diversity, military strength, responsible for important technical inventions such as zero, trigonometry, etc. and last but not the least, humility. We have the determination, skill, strength and knowledge to be among the best but at the same time we respect our adversaries, and make every effort to live peacefully with everyone. 

Today, India is world’s largest democratic country and one of the fastest growing economies amid copious quandaries plaguing our modern society, due to which ‘independence’ remains a mere abstract idea to many. However, no country is perfect; we, the people have to make it better by realizing that “In democracy the government is of the people, by the people and for the people.”

It all started on 15 August, 1947, when in the wake of independence, our first Prime Minister Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru said, “Long years ago we made a tryst with destiny, and now the time comes when we shall redeem our pledge, not wholly or in full measure, but very substantially.”

This Independence Day, let us take a pledge to rise above self interests and instil a sense of morality, responsibility and respect through our actions in order to give real substance to our patriotism.

“Education is that whole system of human training within and without the school house walls, that molds and develops a child into a human being”.

Masti Ki Pathshala is a philosophical idea of compassion and care for the children who can’t access education due to limitations of their family conditions or otherwise. It is a cause comprising of young and enthusiastic professionals who apart from their regular careers in the fields of advertising, marketing, media and education; also believe that life is more than just about one’s own self and giving back to the society, doing good for the society and being a responsible citizen is also an essential part of life. This group of individuals comes together under the umbrella of ‘Masti Ki Pathshala’ to provide education and provide for some related amenities to help build the self-respect and competency in today’s young generation.

Masti Ki Pathshala is a non-profit organization and a successfully running campaign, founded by Mr. Keyur Patel and his team on Children’s Day – 14 November, in 2011. The first task that Masti Ki Pathshala took up was supporting the education of two slum kids Swati Neepali and Aman Neepali, who live in the slum area around Karelibaug in Vadodara. They had joined Class VII and class V respectively with the efforts of Masti Ki Pathshala. These children had had to quit education due to financial crunches that plagued the family because their father got addicted to liquor and there was no money left to send them to school.

The needy children are identified with the help of Pratibha Kushwaha from the NGO Saharsh. The children, their families and their genuineness of their condition are completely verified to ensure that the really needy people are not bereft of help while those who do not require the benefits end up getting it.

Currently Masti Ki Pathshala is also helping another young boy whose father has cancer and is unable to support the education of his child.

Charity begins from home, they say. In line with this, Masti Ki Pathshala is also supporting the education of the man who works as a liftman in the building where the Masti Ki Pathshala office is located.

Masti Ki Pathshala also provided for the uniforms and books in a small school called Swami Vivekananda School in a nearby village in Baroda district.

Education in these times, is highly important for the kids to grow up into responsible adults and be able to define and distinguish between what is right and what is wrong. With the help of Masti Ki Pathshala more and more children are getting the benefit of this simple basic right to education, and it would go a long way in building a better society. 

Monday, 12 August 2013 13:07

Madhav Reddy - A Quality Entrepreneur

Let’s meet Mr Madhav Reddy, a QUALITY entrepreneur who started RedMad Learnings in 2011. The company mainly works in the field of Training and Development. Madhav left a really great job at HSBC to start his company; a dream he has been caressing from a long time. Anyone who has a dream of working ground-up and a real passion for entrepreneurial aspect of the business, then we believe this is a must read. Let’s quickly dive into the details. 1-Madhav Reddy - Founder  M.D. RedMad Learnings

Hi Madhav, thank you for taking time out for this interview session. Tell us about who you are, your educational background, your family…   

I am based at Vadodara, Gujarat. I belong to Andhra Pradesh but I lived in Baroda earlier for almost 15 years during my School & College days. My Dad was transferred here when he was working with Apollo Tyres. Hence this place was always close to my heart and made me come back to Gujarat. Also I wanted to be an Entrepreneur for which I resigned my last job and started my company “RedMad Learnings” in 2011. And of course Gujarat is always the best place for Entrepreneurs.

I did my schooling from Navyug Eng. Med. School and Jeevan Sadhana from Vadodara. I did my B.Sc [Maths] from M.S. University Vadodara and did my MBA[Hr] from ICFAI University. I am also a Certified Black Belt in Lean Six Sigma. I am also a GNIIT from NIIT - Fathegunj, Vadodara .

Education has always taught me something, obviously. But you need to keep learning new things to survive in this competitive world.

My family, ummm… I am single and my family consists of My Father, who recently retired from Apollo tyres, my mother who is a housewife and a sister who works with HSBC.

“RedMad Learnings”, what does it do?

It is Training & Development Company. We conduct training programs in colleges, universities & corporate sectors across India. We are also in to Business consultancy and quality consultancy. We are also in to Quality Training programs like Lean Six Sigma, 5s, Kaizen, SPC tools etc.,. I am also the Chairman Gujarat for an International not-for-profit society called LASSIB Society,

When did you start into this field?

I have started training when I was in my First year of my graduation. I started as a hobby, never thought this will become my profession.

Aah long time then. And how did you start into this field?

Well, interesting question. Most of my friends joined MLM companies like Skybiz, Amway, Modicare in the year 2000, as they wanted to earn easy money. But they were never able to give proper presentations to the audience. So I started giving presentations on their behalf at the gathering and used to the train the new joins in sales. I used to do it voluntarily to help my friends.

Is anyone else involved into this from your family?

NO, our father was completely from JOB background. They never wanted me to get into business. I was working with HSBC and was earning good. They wanted me to continue that. But from the time I was Child I always wanted to be a business man and earn money so that I can enjoy luxuries. Hence I took a decision and resigned the Job and started the company in 2011. Of course, the family did support me on my work but they always want me to get back to jobs again.

I can understand the family concerns; they generally want us to play it safe. Well, then what kind of planning did you do to start the company?

There are lots of things that are involved in starting business. I only knew that I will start a Training & Development company as I was very good in communication Skills & training Skills. I started browsing internet to find details on how to start a company, what are the financials involved and how to open a current account etc., Later I approached a CS company and they have done the work for me.

Who are your targeted customers?

I always knew that training is never ending process and whether it’s a college or a company they would require training programs to excel in their field. My target is to train entire INDIA , mainly in Quality Management.

How do you attract customers generally?

I have seen that lots of companies and colleges they place ads in internet on their training requirements. So I started browsing internet for these ads and I came across a site called “”. I have seen that there are lots of Hr professionals, individuals, corporate whom place questions on their professional problems and needs. So I started answering all those questions which ever I can answer. In just couple of months, I was able to answer more than 1000 queries which made me one of the Sr. Members of the site. I helped a girl who recently joining a company as HR executive in an IT company at Pune. She had queries on how to Start HR process in their company. May be their firm liked my queries; they invited me to conduct a 1-day training program at Pune for all their new recruits. That was my First program after I started the company. Second big project I got through this referral program was from United India Insurance. I was asked to training almost 500 employees of the firm from Andhra Pradesh in batches for 2 days each. The program went for almost 3 months. I was also present in, at this point of time my number was connections were also 245, But in just couple of months my connections rose to almost 1000 and in today’s date it stands at 4629. 90% of my business comes from word-of-mouth referrals and online contacts. Our company is almost 2 years old now, But till today we never went for any sort of Paper advertisements or posters for getting business.

Wow, that’s impressive. Are you happy with the current progress of the business?

We are proud on where we are today in just 2 years. We have got accreditation from an International Society for Six Sigma programs. We have been nominated under CSR category at recent 2013 CXO Confluence LASSIB awards for conducting free training programs on Quality management for 10,000 students across 5 states. We have conducted programs at almost 40 companies & 50 colleges across India. We want people to remember and recommend us as Training Company with quality and innovative training programs.

How many hours do you generally work?

I always plan my day 1-day before and always leave a buffer time for some on-spot activities and meetings. I work round the clock as we have some international clients also for whom we do programs online. So due to time factor I even do programs in Night. But I do make sure that I give enough rest to Body. After all Just money is not everything. Health Is Wealth. Also I believe as an Entrepreneur who should not look at clock when are chasing your dreams. Once your dreams are fulfilled you deserve to take a break but should not relax long again.

Any tips for new comers into this field?

One Thing for sure – IF YOU DONT HAVE GUTS AND COURAGE TO ACCEPT FAILURE DONT BE AN ENTREPRENEUR. THIS DISH WILL MAKE YOU TASTE BOTH SUCCES & FAILURE SO BE READY FOR IT. The only mantra to succeed is to Keep learning new things and think innovative. Innovation is the only differentiating factor between you and others. An Idea can be given by a single person, But to convert it to a company you always need a team. Only “WE” will give you success not “I”. I always admire a line quoted by Dr. Abdul Kalam – “Dreams are not something which you see when you sleep, Dreams are something which will not allow you to sleep”. So my dear friends, If you want to succeed, chase your dreams till you get them. There is no short cut for success & excellence you need to gain it.

How people can get in touch with you?

I am not a celebrity; hence I am always reachable at my office at Vadodara. You can also call me on our office number 0265-3390390. If I am travelling on programs you can reach me on my mail This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .

Office Address: RedMad Learnings, 616 Saffron Complex, Fathegunj, Vadodara-2. Gujarat.


I am always present on LinkedIn and Face book you also reach me there.

Finally, tell us about your upcoming event

On 31 August 2013, We are about to attempt a WORLD RECORD on Quality Management. This event is supported by lots of associations & colleges in Gujarat. DO CALL US IF YOU WANT TO BE A PART OF THE WORLD RECORD. I welcome all the UG & PG students to join us on the world record and learn about something which can change your life and make a path for a creative career GOOD LUCK to all of you and thanks for reading.

For more information visit:

Monday, 12 August 2013 08:36

Shrawan - Month Long Celebrations

India is an extraordinary country with the diversity of various customs and rituals, developed by different sects i.e. individuals and philosophical institutions, in different states and at different times. The whole month of Shravan is completely dedicated to the one who meditates in the Mount Kailas of the Himalayas, the Lord of dance, the supporter of all austere, Lord Shiva. Just about every Hindu around this country and elsewhere knows the very significance of this month Shravan.

Probably there is no grandmother in India who hasn’t recited mythological tales of Lord Shiva to her grandchildren; as there is always some tale behind every occasion or festival. How can there be no mythical tale behind this ‘sacred month’? Well, it is believed that in the process of churning of the ocean (Samudra Manthan) by the Gods and the demons to acquire the nectar (amrit) of immortality, a deadly poison emerged that the Gods dreaded would destroy all of creation. In an act of altruism and to save the Universe from the ultimate destruction Lord Shiva drank the poison and stored in his throat, which caused Shiva’s throat to turn blue. From then on Mahadev is known Neelkanth.

Shravan month is considered to be the most auspicious month all through the year. Each and every community of the country celebrates this sacred month in their own way, though slightly different from one another. Many devotees fast all through the month by just eating one meal a day, whereas some fast only on specific days, especially Mondays. There few who avoid meat because they’re told to, and then there are those who want to. Shiva temples are usually crowded around this time as all devotees seek their Lord’s blessings by making offerings and abhishekam (mixture of milk and water). It is during this month when the rain gods shower their blessings. A number of scholars believe that fasting (varts) helps the people to stay healthy as the waterborne diseases spread way too quickly.

Every other day during this tenth month of the Gujarati calendar is considered to be very propitious particularly the Shravan Mondays. Why?! The day is exclusively dedicated to worshipping Lord Shiva. In Gujarat, girls fast for sixteen Mondays (Solah Somwar) starting from the first Monday of the Shravan month in order to be blessed with a good husband, wellbeing, and blissful life; this is one of the myths connected to marriage. The Shravan month brings along quite a few great festivals i.e. Naga-Panchami, Raksha Bandhan and Janmashtami.

Even after all these centuries our ancient beliefs still continue to exist to the present day and inspire us improve ourselves. May this Shravan be blessed and prosperous for everyone.

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