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Monday, 09 September 2013 12:49

Out Forgotten Street Games - Azeem Topiwala, Ahmedabad

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Our Forgotten Street Games! Ancient Novelty!

PSP, Nintendo Wii, Xbox 360, etc… These games and consoles have become the order of the day for today’s generation! Talk about anything close to this and you may find a place in the kids’ guild, or else you are outmoded material. Am I right? Oh yes I am! Technology is making the kids physically sluggish but mentally sharp. That’s not me speaking, but these are the results of surveys and researches carried out.

Kids are forgetting what games like Roomal-Daav, Thappo, Nadi-Parvat, are. These are games which require presence of mind as well as physical agility and nimbleness. But technology is giving al fresco gaming experiences, indoor within the gaming consoles and children hardly feel the need to go out and learn.

So what to do to revive these games? Hmm?!? Elders and people, who have played these games, can play a huge hand in reviving these games. People having good influence among children can take the initiative and popularize these games once again, because without any initiative, these games may become mere pages in the books of history.

Written By: Azeem Topiwala, Ahmedabad

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