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Back in the day, Indian woman with a long ghunghat were only confined to create, nurture, cook and take care of the family members. Today the modern Indian women are challenging the notions of the patriarchal system. Gone are the days when Indian women were pressured to be in the shell.

Every woman of the new generation believes in upholding the traditions with the cultural values, but at the same time are pushing the boundaries and are redefining themselves. One of the most important challenges for every woman around the globe has been about her rights.

Last month Tata tea’s “JaagoRe” campaign ( launched a new advertisement highlighting yet another social issue of women voting rights. Given the times these days, where the safety and security of every woman is in question, it comes completely essential for every single woman to cast their vote in order to bring about change.

This campaign concentrates on the women’s empowerment with a simple but significant statistic which people were ignorant about -- the 49% vote of women is powerful enough to make the government or break it. The whole idea behind this 35 second ad is about making every single woman aware of the power she holds which can make or break a government.

Only thing every Indian woman needs to understand is nobody gives you the power, you just have to take it and make it count. There is a possibility that you may be let down if you fail, but you are fated if you don’t even try, so make use of your voting power wisely.

As Nellie McClung very rightly said “never underestimate the power of women”, the Indian women need to use their power to vote.

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