Art is an Expression

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Art is an Expression Art is an Expression Art is an Expression Art is an Expression Art is an Expression Art is an Expression Art is an Expression

In Gujarat, Art is an Expression!

It’s just not the cities; Gujarat is a state that stands for vibrancy, where each art has a story to disclose and each skill is an expression in itself; a state that magically blends cultural hues through its art, designs, and craftsmanship. It is also through art that the cultural knot in the state has been held up for generations, because it is this common platform that brings people together despite their various cultural, regional and religious ideologies.

The brilliant blend of art, culture and lifestyle makes space for peace and soulful goodwill. Gujarat is a state that have cradled artist for generations and have saluted art in true respect. One such form of this art-visible in its fine clothing. Whether it is ‘Abhala’ work or the ‘Bandhani’ or the ‘Kutcchi prints and the ‘Batik’, Gujarat has it all.

With ample mediums to work on innovative, witty and submissive forms, the fabric and prints present something to our sense – perceptions as they make way to articulate lifestyles. Gujarat stands unique with a wide range of colorful fabrics and designs, since it is one such place across the world that carries a bucketful of colorful vitality.

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