Graffiti in Vadodara

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Graffiti in Vadodara Graffiti in Vadodara Graffiti in Vadodara Graffiti in Vadodara Graffiti in Vadodara Graffiti in Vadodara Graffiti in Vadodara Graffiti in Vadodara

If art is considered an evolutionary act, then graffiti is one of the modern-day art form which is not about straight lines, dazzling colours and fine-looking blends. The scribbled art form has flourished, not only within the metropolitan environment of the state, but in nearly every other corner of the world. Graffiti gives the artists the liberty to express their vision and paint life's commotion on public property or walls.

In continuation of previous article about graffiti in Ahmedabad depicting social issues, below graffiti images captured at several landmarks in and around Vadodara exemplifies what graffiti is all about. This extraordinary art form is breathing life into dull and ruined walls around the city. The different styles and forms of this art are ever changing and evolving, which can clearly be seen on the walls near Genda Circle, MS University Pavilion and Vadadara Central.

Behind every impeccable piece of graffiti there lies a profound thought, which is reflected by the unseen message. Every artist needs a clean canvas or walls in this case. The diversification and uniqueness is seen in their own right on these painted walls which put up a strong view on the current state of affairs. Every sprayed or scratched wall comes alive and speaks volumes of the philosophical thought put in by the artist.

Graffiti is generally considered to be a type of vandalism and is punishable by law in several countries for being provoking, bold and uncompromising. As a result, this kind of artwork hasn’t gone down well with the authorities around the globe. Graffiti usually has an agenda, partially because it is a cheap way of canvassing from verses, argumentative to comic strips and catchphrases. There can also be a positive side to the scribbled art form which can strengthen the youth of the city, contribute remarkable solutions and give a sense of public pride and responsibility.

Gradually the attitude of the society is changing towards the modern street art form and is trying to accept it. “All works of art look as though they were done in joy”; the underlined beauty of graffiti is to express satire in a very subtle way.

Thank you “Crescendo Arts” for the wonderful photographs. 

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