Marked Beauties of Gujarat

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Marked Beauties of Gujarat Marked Beauties of Gujarat Marked Beauties of Gujarat Marked Beauties of Gujarat

Tattoos and Gujarati women have a profound correlation since the time this art became illustrious. It’s one thing to have a designer body, clad up with your favorite images but it’s all together a different perception to get obsessed with a print and think that it will accompany you to the heaven!

Indeed the Mer community in rural Gujarat has fixated the belief that tattoos are one of the most substantial things that would accompany them in the afterlife. Some women hailing from Kutch and those living in the Dangs also share a similar notion. For many of us, this might sound bizarre, but for these women the belief is very strong and they make sure that they have tattoos all over their bodies.

Besides decking up themselves, with silver ornaments, ornate ivory jewels, colorful chaniyas and strip stranded backless cholis, these women have an entire graffiti on their bodies be it ankles, back, face, arms or shoulders.

Surely, Gujarat is one such region which is known for its cultural folklore, where in each art depicts a hidden a tale and each ideal symbolizes a powerful ethnicity. It’s interesting to note a myriad of different images on the bodies including animals, baby cradles, anchors, thrones, imprints of Gods and other symbols. Some may also like geometric symbols made of dots and short lines.

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