Morning Shades

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Morning Shades Morning Shades Morning Shades Morning Shades Morning Shades Morning Shades Morning Shades

Lose an hour in the morning, and you will be all day hunting for it! So goes the well known saying which holds true for almost every one of us. Amdavad wakes up quite early to punch in for the day, and is one such city that sleeps early and wakes up early to salute the rising sun. By 7:30 most of the vegetable markets, flower and fruit sellers loaded with lorries, cleaners, rickshaw drivers and many more are hustling and bustling around.

At random, one of our BK guy, was riding across the city, spending some luxurious time on his classic 350 Enfield, when he thought of sipping tea (the tea stall in the picture). Scratching his head and not knowing what to do around, he clicked a few pictures of people in the vicinity.

The newspaper fellow, who was busy counting the sheets for the day was kind enough to pose for him. A “God Lover”, a Pujari who blessed him for his future, an AMC worker struggling to clean up people’s mess, the doodhwala, flower seller at Jamalpur and the vegetable selling lady draped in a saree, who gave him one of her shy looks while she posed for a click. The guy then drove away, with one of the most remarkable memories of the morning, sharing the same with you all.

Sometimes, it’s fun to bend down to simplicities and look upon them as real fun. Unexpected blessing may turn his life creating wonders for this guy and if not at least, there are five other people who shared with him a reason to smile

Thanks a ton Hussain Jariwala for these fabulous clicks...

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