New Age Fitness Mantras

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1-Fitness Mantras

Workouts are no longer limited to gyms and equipments; they have moved way beyond that to mix wellness with pleasure to strike a perfect blend so enjoy them thoroughly.

There was a time when working out was considered boring and known to stick to rigid patterns that caused a lot of pain and fatigue. But now, the regime that offers complete well-being without compromising your pleasure and fun is the ideal one. Here are nine new age workout trends that have gathered numerous takers and deliver a complete wellness package:

TAI CHI: Also referred to as ‘yoga in motion’ its non-intense, slow and smooth movements help you synergize your positive side and energies. It has rejuvenating properties; it elevates your mood and balances you emotionally while also improving your agility and flexibility. It is slow and hard but yielding and never harsh. It facilitates generation of certain emotion controlling hormones that help you stay positive, focused and upbeat.

PILATES: Provides better strength and stability by targeting your core muscles. It is quite an intense regime that works on the principle of ‘control-concentrate-center’.

KICK BOXING: A popular cardiovascular workout that combines boxing, martial arts and aerobics. It is not only a workout regime but also teaches self-defense. It holds you in good stead improves flexibility, coordination, endurance and ensures high burnout. It is a good option if you desire those toned thighs and butt.

CALISTHENICS: Known to impart better muscular strength, grace and flexibility while requiring minimum usage of any sort of equipments. It involves a lot of bending, twisting, kicking and swinging different parts of your body. It is highly popular with sports teams and defense personnel.

DANCERCISE: A highly intense workout that never lets you realize that you just danced away tons of calories. It provides options like belly-dancing, salsa, hip-hop, bhangra, etc. It improves blood circulation, enhances memory, coordination, balance and muscular strength.

BOOT CAMP: Involves using your own body weight in exercises and cardio-drills like jumping jacks to burn calories at a faster rate. It focuses on your heart and muscles to increase your body metabolism and push your body to its limits.

BOLLYBICS: Those pelvic thrusts and thumkas and many other such steps popular in Bollywood when worked in a combination with the conventional aerobics in a structured manner yields bollybics. It is a frequent yet sustained activity in a rhythmic manner that combines stretching as well as strength training routines. It promotes oxygenation of the entire system. It improves body’s metabolic and energy generating processes. Besides it is a great fun and recreation activity.

SWIMMING & AQUA AEROBICS: A highly effective routine that improves stamina and flexibility and gives a full body workout & ideal regime for weight management. It is one of the finest aerobic regimes. It is highly suitable for people with weak limbs, injuries or motor problems and issues. Moreover, since it is done inside water, and water carries your weight for you, it is a hot favorite among the obese people.

YOGA & POWER YOGA: Popularized by actresses like Kareena Kapoor, Lara Dutta, Shilpa Shetty, this age means of fitness has become the ‘in’ thing. Even off the shores of India, Yoga holds immense popularity thanks to the likes of Angelina Jolie, Jennifer Aniston and Madonna. The most important feature of yoga is that it works on your mind at the same time as it works on your body & can be done by people of any age. With regular practice, it can enhance your creative and analytical side of your mind and even help gain focus. People who wish to control their obesity should opt for a more energy driven version called as Power Yoga. It is much more dynamic and works on body stability, postures, tone and balance.

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