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So South Cafe So South Cafe So South Cafe So South Cafe So South Cafe So South Cafe So South Cafe So South Cafe

What is with every other South Indian restaurant in Vadodara claiming to be only serving authentic cuisine from down south? Alright! Agreed, Vadodara is a cultural city, but Barodians are absolutely open to the whole idea of twist in tastes too. With the ever so blossoming and blooming restaurants as well as cafe culture in Vadodara, the latest addition with a fusion kick to the long list is ‘So South! Cafe’.

Oh! Don’t worry; you don’t really have to go all the way down “so south” to taste the sumptuous selection of dosai (dosa) from appetizers to desserts. Oh yes, dosai is actually served as confectioneries at So South. Unimaginable, right! Well, you need to really taste it rather than just trying to wrap your head around the idea.

Another awesome initiative taken up So South is an “innovation lab”. Have you ever heard that a restaurant having an “innovation lab”? So South obviously has it, which makes it the perfect eatery for every foodie who enjoys indulging in experimental tastes the delicious not-so-authentic dosai. Known as the ‘taste the twist’, where different continents can come together on one platter with a selection of local delicacies i.e., dosai.

So South is finest restaurant for all those looking for dosai with a fusion kick in the taste.

Address: 101, Sapphire Complex, Near Tube Company, Old Padra Road, Vadodara

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