Traditional Hub @ Gamthiwala

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Traditional Hub @ Gamthiwala Traditional Hub @ Gamthiwala Traditional Hub @ Gamthiwala Traditional Hub @ Gamthiwala Traditional Hub @ Gamthiwala

Reside in Amdavad and unaware of Gamthiwala, then it’s surely “NA CHALE”!

The hub for authentic Gamthi fabric, the shop owned by Mr. Noor Mohammed, is one of the major attractions of the old city. (Rani no Hajiro). This shop offers amazing prints and is famous for the finest selection of Ajrakh prints, Kutchi prints, Batik and Bandhinis. The store boasts of its own specialty in creating block prints using different types of organic and vegetable dyes.

If you have never got a chance to slip into the gates of the old city then this could be one of the best bahanas to grab this summer. (Besides hogging over a plate of pani-puris or a chatpata chat @ Manekchowk, would not harm you once in a while) Taking a shopping halt here, to prepare your wardrobe for the summer, will not only include amazing prints but also excellent comfort. Slipping into one of these dresses once in a blue moon, would not be bad idea!

Starting from a collection of raw pieces and traditional fabric, this place is kaleidoscope of colors and prints. A collection of floral and graphical handprints, its making constitutes from the most remote corners of Gujarat. Wearing these prints would not only transport you back in time, but would also symbolize that somewhere you still believe in keeping the traditional art ALIVE!

Contact: Noormohammed Haji-Abdul Rahim
1st Shop, Rani’s Hajira, Manekchowk, Ahmedabad

Thanks Hussain Jariwala for amazing clicks.

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