Friendship Day, 2013

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Friendship Day, 2013

Did you plan your friendship day yet? Now this is one big day that requires a lot of planning. Thats because the polymer chain of buddies have been consistently growing. . . No matter how busy you have been or how indifferently social category you fall in, you still won't miss a chance to wish your friends this day.

Now what is it that you often do? Catch up a film, hang over for coffee or simply step into a restaurant for a sumptuous food? Well considering the beeline everywhere at cafes and gift shops, it's obviously predicted that we are still friend fanatic beings.

Just think for a while that if your mate wasn't around, how would the rolling years have been? Who you would have rang up in those "save me" times and who would have laughed at all your bizarre behaviours.

Friends, with friendship day knocking soon, it's time you connect to all your pals, no matter how less you have been in touch, no matter how close or distant friend you are. This day is a blessed one. Celebrate it by giving your friend a wide smile and a warm hug.

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