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Greenhouse Effect, Global Warming, God’s blessings, An unexpected surprise, Weather changes, Farmer’s prayer? - what do you think?

Right guess! We are indeed talking about the Rains. Just imagine if someone knocks at you, unwelcomed or without a prior notice, how would you feel! But the rains cannot be blamed for this. Even though they have appeared quite early this year (the earlier such occurrence on record) they have been welcomed by people quite appreciatively

India Meteorological Department, Weather officials, and Analysts are all drenched into deep studies about this pre-arrival. But whatever the reason is, it is indeed a good gesture (Perhaps the Gods above are happier than ever)

The early showers have blessed the summer sown crops, brought down inflation rate (critical government concern); have helped softening the drought-prone soil and a cut off in the power costs for irrigation purposes.

The Monsoon has dragged all of us a month ahead of schedule. We were yet to drag our umbrellas from the closets and the gum boots from the cellars when it poured, creating puddles to splash our legs and make paper boats.

Now before we hit to a dalwada joint, or sit with the cup of chai, thinking about what possibly be done to kill time in the rain, it’s time to ponder on this unexpected rainfall...Now some may tell this to be greenhouse effect/ global warming/ God’s blessings/ an unexpected surprise/ Weather changes/ Farmer’s prayer (omg, way too exaggerated).

Tell us people what do you think about these Rains....did you welcome them yet...if not, why not? How about welcoming them today by start talking about them here and attracting them!
Common...people, it’s time to pour your thoughts! Who’s going to be the first one to share the views?

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