Luscious Mangoes

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Luscious Mangoes Luscious Mangoes Luscious Mangoes Luscious Mangoes Luscious Mangoes

Are you an ‘Aam’ Lover? Inside, we sit with our air conditioners on, enjoying the cool vent. But outside the sun is blistering high, everyone on the road is sopping with sweat and the ice-cream man next door is smiling at his brisk business. But even as we swear at the harsh sun, let us not overlook the joys that come with the summer—the long holidays, a chance to escape to the mountains, end of season sales and of course the luscious mangoes! With the summer round the corner, the mangoes will give us dime a dozen reasons to make them a part of our supper special delicacies, mock tail mochas, puddings, mango yogurts and more. Our article is dedicated to all the ‘Aam’ lovers out there!

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