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Tamne Varsad game ke nai...?

Le, now there is hardly anyone who wouldn't love the rains..
Even the harshest of showers during the season, haven’t been able to resist its charms during sometime or other. You might wince your nose, looking at the dirt on your feet, be wary of the water on your brand new shirt, grumble about the outlandish rain dripping traveling experiences, but you would still love this season, since it brings along a wholesome of things to relax, take off a break and hog on some mouth watering savories..

But then you might hate the traffic jams, the mosquitoes and flies hovering around your food, water dripping in your building and drenched feel you get all the time....

When we asked people this is what they said..For some this season works, for some it just doesn't

I love the yummy dalwadas...
Monsoon..yep I can fall in love:)
I can't stand the water logs
I love making paper boats
I splash and jump in the puddles

Tell us people, do rains work for you...or they don't....?

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