Raksha Bandhan: The Bond of Protection

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Raksha Bandhan: The Bond of Protection

India is one of those countries, which has a very advanced culture when it comes to personal relations. This time of the year a very special day appears on the calendar that every sister looks forward to, Raksha Bandhan, a complete day dedicated to the wonderful bond of brother and sister. On this day, the sister ties a sacred thread called rakhi around her brother’s wrist expressing their unconditional love and support for each other. Thus this day is called Raksha Bandhan, ‘Raksha’ meaning protection and ‘Bandhan’ the bond.



Every soul in India is all set to celebrate the sacred festival, sisters with their bright colourful Rakhis and all brothers ready to stand on the brink of celebratory moments just to see their adorable sisters beaming with sheer happiness when they’re surprised with marvellous gifts.



Back in the good old days of telegrams and bell bottoms, the day usually began with All India Radio playing all popular Bollywood songs, dedicated to the relation of brother and sister. God truly bless the advanced technology for all those brothers and sisters, who are living separately in different continents, to enable them to express their affection through different media. 


Life can be really tough without any siblings and cousins. One cannot possibly define the extraordinary immaculate relationship between brothers and sisters. They’re the sweetest enemies, the best of friends, partners in crime, and love one another unconditionally.


No matter what, only your brother or sister will go that one extra mile just to bring that joyous smile back. At times, this emotional bond of love and affection between siblings is way beyond the understanding of their parents, let alone anyone else.


Who needs virtual superheroes whenever siblings are the best ones anyone can ever have.


Beyond Khidki wishes all “real superheroes” A Very Happy Raksha Bandhan!

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