Star Gazing Events of 2013

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Star Gazing Events of 2013


We all have seen our "stars" dancing, haven't we? Even cricketers are not missing a single chance to show off their dancing skills now a days. We are talking about a whole different kind of dance here though.

A major astronomical event is starting today. For the keen lovers with right eye & equipment for star gazing, it won't be anything less than a prime time show.

May 24 to 30: Dance of the Planets

Mercury, Venus and Jupiter will provide a fascinating show low in the west-northwest twilight sky soon after sunset. They will seemingly shuffle around each other, changing their positions noticeably from one evening to the next. The two brightest planets, Venus and Jupiter,will be separated by just over 1 degree on May 28, with Venus passing to the northwest (upper right) of Jupiter and shining more than six times brighter than Jupiter.

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