World No Tobacco Day

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World No Tobacco Day

Keep that Cancer stick at arm’s length.

All bad habits are easily adapted-tobacco most common amongst all. But beware, before you draw a pull from your friend’s stick or churn in a pack of tobacco even just for fun. Needless to mention, that all forms of tobacco causes lethal health problems, but on the other side, its usage is morally and ethically erroneous.

Not even just to give it a try, or getting swept in a fad notion, that you must ever pull this habit in your system. Out of all forms of addiction, this can be one of the most difficult to give up.

It’s not every day that you vow to discard that half used packet of cigarette from your car, or kick out the packets of tobacco from your drawer. But with the World No Tobacco Day falling on today, this might be a good way to keep the habit at bay.

World No Tobacco day- 31st May, is meant to encourage a 24-hour period of self-restraint from all forms of tobacco consumption. The day is intended to draw global attention to the widespread dominance of tobacco use.

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