Alfred High School, Rajkot

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Alfred High School, Rajkot Alfred High School, Rajkot Alfred High School, Rajkot Alfred High School, Rajkot

It’s not just a skooool!

Alfred High School has also marked its name in the pages of history. School to Mahatma Gandhi, it has a lot of historical evidence besides being just an educational campus. Stoned out of the British construction, the main building still holds the old architectural evidence.

Alfred High School was constructed during the British rule by political agent Kernel Singh. This was the first English school in the whole of kathiyawad which was originally called Rajkot English School. The name Alfred High School was changed to "Mohandas Gandhi High School" after India's independence, as Gandhiji took his primary education in this school.

The place could be an interesting venue for history lovers and photographers. Since its situated near the main bazaar, it also has some great shopping plazas in the vicinity.

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