Khanderao Market, Baroda

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A visitor once said, "Khanderao Market is like a traditional supermarket where you can buy things useful through out your life, from birth to death.”

The Khanderao Market in Dandiya Bazaar, Vadodara is one of the most vibrant and architecturally striking places in the city. The market comes to life at the crack of the dawn and is occupied by vegetable sellers, vendors and flower and fruit sellers. The market poses a picturesque panorama with a palatial beauty and equipped with lanterns during the early morning hours.

Maharaja Sayajirao Gaekwad III built this magnificent structure in memory of his late father. The structure has one of the most remarkable architecture in terms of Maratha and Jain along with European and Islamic craftsmanship.

The building was gifted by the king to the people of the city on the silver jubilee of his administration. Since then, the place has been an important center for whole and retail sales of vegetables and fruits. One can also find here colorful flowers, groceries, and items necessary for Hindu rituals and ceremonies and earthen wares.

The building consists of two domed shaped structures that resembles a Hindu temple and a clock tower in its center. The domes are united with a KALASH like structure that resembles the Hindu craftsmanship with a blend of Victorian making. A step towards the gateway contains a beautifully carved toran on the ceiling. There is a floral fountain in the center surrounded by stalls selling produce. Some stalls also spread out around the corners of the circle. The retail market is encased by an array of shops on the ground floor and city municipal corporation offices at the top. The fountain lies in the center and the carved jharokhas enclosed by grilles with floral motifs on the surrounding architecture show the presence of Islamic culture.

Alleys passing through the stalls lead to the whole sale market on the right and the flower and earthen ware market on the left. The whole sale market in the neighboring premises was designed as per the typical Indian sabji mandi or vegetable market where the stalls are set up in rows one after the other.

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