Patan Ni Vav

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Patan Ni Vav Patan Ni Vav Patan Ni Vav Patan Ni Vav Patan Ni Vav Patan Ni Vav Patan Ni Vav

The famous step well in Patan called the "Rani ki Vav" was constructed during the Solanki period in Gujarat. This richly sculptured monument is assumed to be built in memory of Bhimdev, son of the founder of the Solanki dynasty.

This magnificent east facing step well approximately measures 64m in length, 20m width & 27m in depth. A compartmentalized stepped corridor with pillared multi-storeyed pavilions that stands at regular intervals, is what makes this structure unique.

The step well was once upon a time the most largest and sumptuous structures of its kinds. It slowly silted up and now much of its greater part has become invisible except for some rows of sculptured panels in the circular part of the well.

Out of all its pillars, one of it stands erect which proves the structure's elegance and design. This is also an excellent example of ancient craftsmanship.

The minute and exquisite carving of this vav is one of the finest specimens of its kind. Befitting its name, the Rani-Ki-Vav is now considered to be the queen among step wells of India.

The Rani Ki Vav, is one of the structures in the UNESCO World Heritage List. Photographs By: Krunal Vaishnav

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