Friday, 19 July 2013 22:14

Bartan Bazaar, Ahmedabad

Now this came from out of the blue! One of our BK boys (Kenil) was set free to venture in the gates of the old city. Half a day and he wasn’t back. When I called him he said there is so, much to behold here, I can’t have enough of it. I mean...he actually clicked a huge amount of photographs, one of which includes this Bartan Bazaar.

When I asked him what’s so special about this, he winked at me and said “Here is a mall, in the old city... Phew! Not the way we know malls to be. The Bartan Bazaar is once such place in Ahmedabad that calls for a lot of traditional shopping, clattering of people more than utensils, a place to get dragged in the crowd. It is sort of a mall for kitchenware, home appliances, brass statues, handicrafts and decorative objects in metal. It’s a place where every possible utensil in available.

I am sure; you wouldn’t have shopped for vessels in ages. Who does? The house already has dozens of them from the grandfather’s era. But then how about walking down here, and ponder over some conventional customs. All you really need is the courage to walk and struggle in the traffic”.

The Bartan Bazaar is spread out at Manek Chowk vegetable market and moves towards the lane leading to Mandvi ni Pol.

The next time I leave Kenil free, I know he is going to step in the Old city once again Cheers for the beautiful collection of photographs he bought for us.

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