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Chalte PirKi Dargah, Ahmedabad

Chalte Pir Moves You

Ours is a mystical Walled city. We have minarets which shake and a Dargah that walks! The Chalte Pir Ki Dargah, Saint Hazrat Gulam Mohmed Syed is buried here and he is supposedly moving every year. Believers say that the saint moves as the length and breadth of a grain of rice. He is thought to be inching towards the centre of the road, as it stands a little off-centre from the pavement.

People from all faiths sit at the entrance of the Dargah, with peacock feather fans, asking for boons. The believers also tie threads or pieces of cloth to the grill. To the non-believer, this may sound like a folktale, but for those who are dipped in faith the Chalte Pir ki Dargah is real.

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