Vadhavana Lake

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Vadhvana Lake Vadhvana Lake Vadhvana Lake Vadhvana Lake Vadhvana Lake Vadhvana Lake Vadhvana Lake Vadhvana Lake

Once in a while each person needs some time off from their routine lives. Away from Vadodara, few kilometres, is a lake which is a paradise for Asiatic water and bird sanctuary. Vadhvana Lake was constructed under Sir Sayajirao Gaekwad’s supervision.

Vadhvana Lake is a habitat for an enormous congregation of water birds i.e., stork, tern, ibis, grey legged goose, and spoonbill migrating all over. Apart from being a wetland, the beautiful lake is also has an eco tourism campsite. The wetland is well-known as a sightseeing spot because this place is kissed by natural magnificence. The finest time of the year to visit irrigation reservoir and wetland is from October to March.

Over time there have been several developments in maintaining the reverence of this outstanding Vadhavana – a wetland, eco campsite, as well as a bird sanctuary. There are a number of facilities offered such as orientation Centre, Cottage and tented accommodations, Separate Campfire sites, observation Towers for bird watching. What's more, there are boats available for boating on the wetland to add to the wonderful experience of bird watching.

Today, this place is becoming one of the most visited sites for nature and bird lovers. Every nature lover can sit for hours ideally just observing and taking in the goodness of the beautiful site. 

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